The preservation of Igbo culture and values lies in the hands of our youths.

To keep youths engaged, the World Igbo Festival of Arts and Culture includes programs designed to:

  • Encourage youth interest in the Igbo community and culture – home and abroad.
  • Promote interactions among youths in order to foster friendships, respect, and appreciation for each other’s potential for contributing to the general good of the Igbo community.
  • Facilitate connections among Igbo youths worldwide through various organizations, channels and social media with the goal of promoting productive values and entrepreneurship.
  • Encourage candid discussions of the problems/challenges faced by youths and encourage the exchange of ideas and solutions.
  • Identify, foster and promote youth leadership.

Igbo youths participate in a variety of events and programs at the Igbo Village, including the World Igbo Festival of Arts and Culture.