About CISA

The Council of Igbo States in Americas (CISA) is the top cultural organization dedicated to the preservation and promotion of African Igbo arts, language and culture worldwide.

By promoting African Igbo cultural heritage at the international level, CISA helps foster cultural enlightenment, skills development and relationship building among culture lovers across nations.

CISA is a nonprofit 501(c)3 charitable organization with a principal office in Atlanta, Georgia, USA.

Unparalleled Cultural Entertainment & Enlightenment

Igbo World Festival organized by CISA

Every year, CISA celebrates its acclaimed Igbo World Festival of Arts and Culture. This event features captivating dancers, masquerades, arts and crafts, fun activities (indoors and outdoors), a gala night dinner and dance . . . and much more.

No other festival in Diaspora comes close to featuring the quality and line up of African Igbo cultural entertainment and enlightenment.

To learn more about the upcoming Igbo World Festival of Arts & Culture (2023), click here.

To view highlights of past events, click here.

Programs & Initiatives

Through our year-round programs and initiatives, people from diverse backgrounds (youths and adults) are discovering the many attractions, skills set and “mmamihe” (timeless wisdom passed down generations, and still highly relevant today) that Igbo culture has to offer.

Follow the links below to learn more about our programs and initiatives.

Skills Development: Supported by CISA

Igbo Heritage Preservation & Promotion

Igbo Village Rebuilding & Maintenance

Talent & Skills Development

Outreach to People of African Descent

Reconnection & Naming Ceremonies

Coming soon: Igbo Landing Project

Impact of Our Work


Our work has inspired countless individuals, many of whom were strangers a short while ago, but are now proud Igbo brethren and friends. Some have invested time and resources in Igboland, Igbo people and culture.

Nneamaka Igbonezim (pictured left) changed the topic of her doctoral thesis to focus on the Igbo World Festival of Arts & Culture. Sidney Davis (pictured right) has established businesses in Nigeria after discovering his Igbo ancestry through DNA testing.

See more examples of the impact of our work


Leadership, Members & Partners

CISA executives include representatives of all Igbo speaking states in Southeastern Nigeria and millions of people of Igbo descent resident in the Americas and across Diaspora.

CISA members and supporters include organizations of all sizes, people, partners, culture enthusiasts and supporters from all walks of life.

For more information, please review our website. Contact us if you need assistance.