Igbo Festival (2013)

Annual Retreat and Reconnection Program

The Council of Igbo States in the Americas (CISA) organized a Retreat and Reconnection Ceremony on March 21-23, 2013 in Igbo Village. The theme of the retreat was Harness, Harmonize, and Perfect Igbo Global Agenda.


  • The retreat highlighted a 10-point agenda of “Atụmatụ na Olileanya Ndị-Igbo” (Igbo purpose and expectations) articulated by the keynote speaker Prof. Akuma-Kalu Njoku (popularly known as “Ticha”).
  • Ticha delivered an inspiring speech titled “Atụmatụ na Olileanya Ndị-Igbo: E Mee Anyị Mere, A Ghaa Anyị Ghara” (Igbo Purpose and Expectations. If It Is to Be, It Is Up to Us).
  • Ancestral Naming Ceremony for DNA tested African descendants living in USA. During the Naming Ceremony, 16 African Americans (6 of them tested as Igbo descendants) were given Igbo/African names.
  • Showcase of Igbo customs, artifacts and performance arts.

Attendees Included:

  • A contingent of Ndị-Igbo from Nigeria led by His Royal Majesty, Igwe Obidiegwu Onyeso, Eze Nri Enweleana II of Anambra State Nigeria
  • A Canadian contingent led by Dr. Izu Asiegbunam
  • A West African Diaspora contingent represented by Chief Okorie Mba (Eze Ndị-Igbo, Ohanaeze in Mali)
  • A cross-section of distinguished Igbo people and leaders
  • African-American brothers and sisters, from various parts of USA