Programs and Initiatives

African Igbo Heritage Preservation and Promotion

This program consists of three segments: (1) Showcase and support for African Igbo cultural heritage. (2) Material culture collection and preservation for posterity. (3) Support for cultural exchange and tourism that facilitates cultural knowledge and friendships across nations.

Talent and Skills Development

Children as young as six and older are receiving ongoing training in African Igbo language, crafts, music and dance, public speaking and leadership skills. This program helps support the talent and skills development of youths, and the schools and teachers providing training for tomorrow’s leaders.

Reconnection and Naming Ceremony

Thanks to DNA testing, a growing number of people in Diaspora can now trace their ancestry to locations in Africa. Some wish to reconnect with their ancestral towns and relatives, but don’t know how. This program helps facilitate the joyful reconnection of these long lost relatives.

Igbo Village Rebuilding and Maintenance

Igbo Village is the only West African farm village exhibit in America built to commemorate African ancestors’ contributions to America’s economic development. Located in Staunton, Virginia, the Village needs your support to rebuild its damaged structures and preserve it for posterity.

Outreach to People of African Descent

From its inception to the present time, CISA has been cultivating relationships with African organizations, African Americans, corporate entities and others. These efforts have been yielding results. The number of partner organizations, now numbering in the dozens, is expected to reach 100+ by 2021. And the number of African Americans participating in our events and programs have grown from scores to hundreds in the past 2-3 years.

CISA is increasing efforts to reach out to more people and organizations. Our goal is to help build a broader network of people and material resources to support African heritage initiatives at local and international levels.