Outreach to People of African Descent

This initiative focuses on outreach to people of African descent including Africans, African Americans, African Caribbean people and cultural organizations.

Our ultimate goal is to help develop a network of partners and potential supporters for African heritage initiatives at the local and international levels.


What we are working to achieve:

Gain a better understanding of attitudes and cultures / sub-cultures among people of African descent.

Increase cultural competence.

Find common ground and collaborate on intercultural / intracultural matters of mutual interest.

Build closer and lasting relationships with a wider audience of African descendants and culture enthusiasts.

Leverage outreach efforts to build a wider network of potential supporters for cultural heritage initiatives at the local and international levels.


Started in 2018 with outreach to African American churches in the Staunton, Virginia and neighboring areas.

Was expanded in 2018 and 2019 to include the Washington DC, Maryland and Virginia areas. This effort in ongoing.

Was expanded in 2020 to include select organizations in the United States. This effort is at the beginning phase.

Planned future activities include reaching out to more people and organizations (domestically and internationally) to share information, receive feedback and develop relationships.

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I am Igbo!

I am here to bring other DNA tested African descendants that have learned their ancestry back home. It is our responsibility to make sure that we connect with our family, to learn where we come from . . . And now all you have to do is point me in the right direction because we are coming home. Read more “I am Igbo!”

Chief Anyanwụ Ututu aka Chinyere Njoku Eri
DNA Tested Africans

Time to Connect Has Arrived

This event is very significant because it represents a healing. It represents a reconnection. It represents a reunification of people – our brothers and sisters born in Africa and those of us born in this country (USA). We are coming together. The time to heal is here. The time for us to connect as communities has… Read more “Time to Connect Has Arrived”

Sidney Davis (Igbo name "Eluomuno" I've arrived home)

We were Divided and Separated

Because of the strong spirit of the Igbos, of us, we have prevailed over the centuries. We continue to thrive. We continue to grow. As long as you stay together and teach us, we will be a people of strength. We will be a people of pride. We will be a people to be reckoned with through all time. Read more “We were Divided and Separated”

Ophie Kier, Vice Mayor
City of Staunton, Virginia, USA