It has been 11 years since I last saw my village in Nigeria, however it feels as if I had gone there yesterday. That is the feeling I got at the beginning but not at the end when I remember my time spent at Igbo village.

When I was told I would be visiting Nigeria for about 3 days I looked at my mom in bewilderment, for how on earth could I go to Nigeria not only for 3 days but right before school was about to begin. Eventually my mom would end the joke and instead go on to explain that my auntie, Mrs.Queenette, was organizing a trip for Focus Children and the Atlanta Igbo School to visit the Igbo Vllage up in Virginia.

Upon hearing the news I cannot lie and say I was not a bit hesitant about going. This feeling was due to the fact that although it may have been 11 years since I had last visited Nigeria, those memories and culture that I had gained would never leave me. And I was worried on whether visiting the igbo village could immerse those same feelings that I had garnered back in NIgeria. . .

In the end, I felt that the Igbo Village had the chance to be a very enjoyable and successful trip that would not only better my knowledge on Igbo Culture but also help me bridge long lasting and fond memories. I thank the people that put Igbo Village together where we can come together to celebrate our culture.