My trip to Virginia was very fun, exciting, and educational. I got to learn more about where I come from and the way we dress and different things like that. I learned a lot at the Frontier Culture Museum [Igbo Village].

In my trip I got to see some of the houses and items in the houses at lgbo Village. The traditional houses there were not as big as the houses we live in. The houses were made out of dry clay and mud with straw on the top.

Next I got to see some of the actual houses that they have and they had beds and living rooms and tables and way more. I also got to see some animals like horses, chicken, goat, lamb, ducks, etc. I also learned that they like to kill goat to make goat meat out of it.

What I liked about the trip was going through the trails and learning new things. I also liked the fact that we were able to dance and see the other groups perform their different styles of dance. Overall, it was a fun trip.