Igbo Union of Canada (Igbo Union) was formed by all the Igbo speaking states of Nigeria living in Greater Toronto Area of Canada. Each state organization is represented by their president to ensure continued and unflinching support for the union and to demonstrate categorically that the States are the Stake-holding igbo-union-chapters in Igbo Union. Each state has also appointed a member representative to run the organization.

Igbo Union has no president and therefore no need to waste resources running elections. However, when all the representatives appointed by each state to run the affairs of the Union get together, they conduct election within the small group and assign leadership roles.

Igbo Union is a community based organization determined to advance the course of Igbo people and essentially propagate the Igbo culture around the wold. The core aim of Igbo Union is to unite all Igbo people in Canada and bring to bear the traditional Igbo fellowship. We strongly discourage anyone with political or personal agenda from joining the Igbo Union organization.

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