Here are excerpts from some of the written commendations, testimonials and goodwill messages received from individuals and organizations. CISA receives scores of such messages annually, of which only a fraction is published below.

“For Igbos in Diaspora, you are an inspiring force of unimpeachable credentials. You have been on the top of the list in the catalogue of Diaspora Organizations that selflessly preserve and advance the culture and heritage of the Igbo people.”

Ohaneze Ndigbo South Africa

“You have taken it upon yourselves to promote, preserve and market our culture and heritage for the world to behold. The Igbo nation and people are proud to have sons and daughters like you.”

Anioma Union South Africa

“This [Igbo World Festival of Arts and Culture] is a great initiative that will showcase the best of our nation’s heritage and will further strengthen our unity as a people.”

Nigerians in Diaspora Organization Liberia

“I salute those who had a part to play in the founding and nurturing of this cultural festival. This cultural festival points to a very important need expressed by the Igbos here in America who desired a certain quality of cultural appreciation, integration, and expression which they felt could be satisfied through a festival like this.”

Michael Tochukwu, CEO, Asandrea Collections, Lagos

“As your esteemed organization signals its intention to build and enrich the capacity of the Igbo nation via prograns aimed at investing in our culture and tradition, Imo State Union South Africa, being the apex organization of all Imo State citizens in South Africa, assures its full-fledged cooperation and support for your lofty ideals.”

Imo State Union South Africa

“We proudly congratulate the Council of Igbo States in Americas (CISA) on the celebration of their 2nd World Igbo Culture and Arts Festival at the Historic Igbo Village in Virginia . . .”

Umuada Di Igbo Mma, Los Angeles, California

“Your dedication, commitment and sacrifice to the promotion and preservation of Igbo cuture and heritage are impeccable and appreciable. God bless you, and bless the Igbo people.”

Abia Indigenes Congress South Africa

Congratulations CISA on your efforts at promulgation of Igbo Arts, Language and Culture across the globe.

Bro. Paul Chukwuebuka, Minister, the Lord’s Messenger Revival Ministry (Abuja)

We . . . are pleased to associate ourselves with the laudable achievements of the Council of Igbo States Americas in promoting and encouraging Igbo consciousness and culture in America.”

Ebonyi State Association South Africa

“As custodians of Igbo culture and heritage, we believe that the Igbo World Festival of Arts and Culture has the capacity to become a veritable platform to enliven our culture and heritage, cement our unity, and help us present a united front as a people.”

Nze na Ozo South Africa

“Members of Ohaneze Ndigbo Mali proudly congratulate CISA NdiIgbo on their 2nd celebration of Igbo World Festival of Arts and Culture at the historical Igbo Village . . .”

Ohaneze Ndigbo Mali