CISA to host World Igbo Festival of Arts & Culture in September 2014

Press Release from Orlando, Florida, U.S.A.,

Council of Igbo Speaking States in Americas[CISA] is set to host the World Igbo Festival of Arts and Culture. This epoch making event which holds on September 5 & 6, 2014, at Igbo Farm Village,Staunton, Virginia, U.S.A., is the first ever Igbo festival of arts and culture to be jointly hosted by Diaspora Igbo Community and Cultural Associations in North America.

The 1st World Igbo Festival of Arts and Culture is being organized by CISA in partnership with The Frontier Culture Museum, Staunton, Virginia, U.S.A.,and in collaboration with Igbo World Assembly (IWA), Nwannedinamba, U.S.A., and other sister Igbo Cultural Associations in North America, Europe and Asia.

Igbo Village House

Igbo Village House

This event will showcase Igbo traditional naming ceremonies, traditional weddings, traditional Dance, Music, Nollywood Films, Books and Literary Works of Igbo Authors in Igbo and other Languages. The highlight of the event will be a rendition/reenactment of the legendary ‘Arochukwu War Dance’- a historical demonstration of Igbo heroism, Igbo Pride, and Great Igbo Culture and Heritage.

Igbo World Festival of Arts and Culture Event Planning

CISA Governing Council wishes to announce the appointment of Prof. Paul Okechukwu Oranika as the Chairman in charge of the Event Planing Committee for Igbo World Festival of Arts and Culture.

Prof. Paul Oranika is Adjunct Professor of Political Science and Public Administration at Central Michigan University, and Grand Canyon University. He is a Writer with hundreds of published articles in Magazines, Newspapers, Journals and Periodicals. Prof. Oranika was former Editor-in-Chief, and Managing Editor of Publicity Magazine based in Atlanta, Georgia, U.S.A.

He was a recipient of Who is Who in American Colleges and Universities Award [1981]; Recipient of U.S. Congressional Award from U.S. Congresswoman, Barbara Lee of the 9th Congressional District of California.

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