-Imo State Congress of America (ISCA) joins force with the Council of Igbo States in Americas (CISA)

Imo State Congress of America (ISCA)

CISA, Council of Igbo States in Americas represents  the interests of the West Africa/African people  at the Frontier Culture Museum, Virginia USA. Dr. Nwachukwu  Anakwenze , the only African man to represent the African interest at the Board of Trustees of the Frontier Culture Museum, Virginia USA represents CISA and the entire Igbos at the Frontier Culture Museum, Virginia, USA  . Representatives at the village come from all works of lives, from Virginia State elected officials (Senators, Majors, State Representatives and government officials such as the Deputy Attorney General to he museum staff.

CISA works in concert with the government of the state of Virginia USA. It also partners with African American groups; many of who have traced their origins to Igboland in Nigeria, West Africa. Through events like the up-coming “World festival of arts and culture which is scheduled for July 24/26 of 2014, our African American brothers are accorded the opportunity to trace their origins to Igboland in Nigeria and or any region in West Africa. 

Until recently, the culture, values and the traditions of roughly four million Igbos in the Americas and our value added to the mainstream American socio-economic and cultural growths has been silent, while other various groups like the Irish, German and English also represented at the Village have taken the liberty to write and control the narratives onn the American landscape. Up-coming Festival of Arts and Culture event and Dr Nwachukwu Anakwenze’s financial and Igbo cultural artifacts donations along with his representation of Ndi-igbo’s interests are sufficient method of writing our narratives on the landscape.


A brief overview of Igbo Farm Village: 

During the transatlantic slave trade, thousands of enslaved Igbo people came directly to Virginia via shipping ports in Calabar and Bonny. Igboland was the principal source of the labour force in the tobacco plantation in Virginia in 1740s. At a point, they outnumbered and eventually replaced their Irish indentured counterparts. The Igbo labourers produced the tobacco that became the mainstay of the Virginian economy. The Igbo also provided the labour in the Black Belt that made cotton king.  And they continued to contribute to nation building and the to the development of the frontier culture in the United States. Thus the Igbo were among the first effective settlers Anglo-America, and among the first groups to cross the Cumberland Gap to open the gateway for the territorial expansion of the United States. Thus the building of the Igbo Farm Village in Staunton, Virginia, like the English, German, and Irish Farmsteads, built by American Frontier Culture Foundation, is a tangible recognition of the contribution of the Igbo people to the first English permanent settlement of Virginia, to American nation building in the United States, and to the development the greater American frontier culture.

It is equally an important notice to Ndigbo that Professor (Ticha) Akuma Kalu Njoku, Director of West African Cultural Heritage Education and Tourism (WACHET) and DSG Igbo Heritage and Culture Institute of IWA, is one of the brain behind the research work on the Frontier Culture Museum (The Igbo Farm Village), Virginia USA.


Kudos! To President Onwa Charles Onyirimba , Ebubedike Tony Okpara and Chief Mgbeafulu, powerful member of CISA whose visions for “brotherhood in service” may have sway our brothers in Imo State Congress of America (ISCA) to join force with CISA. At CISA, the operative sentences for our efforts are the “alliance of the willing with clarity of purpose”. 

I look forward to a strong relationship with the Imo State Congress of America (ISCA) as we continue to fine-tune our clarity of purpose in meeting the need of our respective communities through brotherhood.

Congratulations to the Imo State Congress of America (ISCA), for joining our “Alliance of the willing” brotherhood in services. Nkiru Onyema (Odibeze), our able Treasurer and Echimezie Ofili, our General Secretary will be contacting your organization very shortly to discuss partnent CISA brotherhood in service logistics


Long live CISA! Long live ISCA!! Long Ohanaeze Ndi-Igbo!!!     


Chudi Asidianya

President, CISA

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