Francisca N. Onyema Odibeze


Francisca Nkiru Onyema, fondly referred to as “Odibeze

Odibeze is a woman of substance, character, integrity, and excellence. A woman blessed with great aura, domino and tone, she is always willing and ready to give back to her Igbo and Nigerian communities home and abroad. Ezi Ada Obibi in Enugu State. Her passion for Women and Children empowerment and services is unequaled since graduating as a nurse with specialties as Registered Nurse/Midwife and Certified NICU nurse.

Nkiru is one of the strong advocates for the progress of Enugu State, Igbo language/culture, and Nigerian communities across the U.S.A. She is very active in various organizations including the Council of Igbo States in Americas (CISA) – the umbrella association of all Igbo-speaking States in Americas where she is currently DSG – Women Affair Chair and on the Executive Committee as Treasurer. She was also the first female President’s Rep. in CISA 2008-2010; Current Vice President Greater Awgu Leadership Forum INC (GALF); Ex Officio of Enugu State Association, Inc. as Deputy Treasurer; and serves in various capacities in different Igbo and Nigerian organizations.

Odibeze attended the prestigious Achi Girls High School in Enugu State. She holds a Diploma in Nursing from Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH); Iyi-Enu General Hospital Ogidi; Midwifery Certificate, Southeastern University Washington DC; BSc in Health Services Administration and MPH, New York Institute of Law, Maryland Campus; Hospital Risk Management Certificate and several other Management Certifications. Odibeze wants to continue to do more for her people!

Francisca N. Onyema Odibeze

Francisca N. Onyema Odibeze MPH, BSC, RN, RM

CISA DSG Women Affair Chair Lady, Executive Treasurer


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