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Francisca N. Onyema Odibeze


Francisca Nkiru Onyema, fondly referred to as “Odibeze

Odibeze is a woman of substance, character, integrity, and excellence. A woman blessed with great aura, domino and tone, she is always willing and ready to give back to her Igbo and Nigerian communities home and abroad. Ezi Ada Obibi in Enugu State. Her passion for Women and Children empowerment and services is unequaled since graduating as a nurse with specialties as Registered Nurse/Midwife and Certified NICU nurse.

Nkiru is one of the strong advocates for the progress of Enugu State, Igbo language/culture, and Nigerian communities across the U.S.A...

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Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze Chairman CISA Board of Presidents


Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze, MD. MPH. MBA
Representative of CISA at Frontier Village Board of Trustee –Virginia, USA
Philanthropist extraordinaire, Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze is incomparable. He is community service “personified”.

Dr. Nwachukwu Anakwenze has no apology for his love of Igbo and igboism. His imprints behind the scene are as impressive as his work on the frontline. Here are some of his imprints on the frontline:

  •  Chairman of Anambra State Association Worldwide
  • Ex- Council of Igbo State Americas(CISA) National President
  • Chairman of Igbo World Assembly(IWA)
  • Chairman Ohanaeze Diaspora Committee
  •  Current Representative of Ndi Anambra in CISA
  •  Chairman of Council of Igbo State Americas(CISA) Board of Presidents

Long live CISA! Long live Igbo nation!! Long live Ohaneze!!!

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Ms. Chioma Shirley Ogueri, DSG Child and Youth Affairs

Ms. Ada Chioma

Ms. Chioma Shirley Ogueri, DSG Child and Youth Affairs, Council of Igbo States in the America (CISA). “I can be taken out of the culture, but the culture cannot be taken out of me”. Chioma S Ogueri

Ada Chioma Ogueri (Busonma Ndiigbo) is from Obibi-Ezena town in Owerri North LGA, Imo state Nigeria. She has her degree in Business Management with Professional Certifications in some other fields.  Currently, she is pursuing her post graduate advanced studies in Hospitality Management.

Ms. Chioma Ogueri is the founder and CEO of Shirley Raymonds Global (SRG) Events & Products...

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Amadiebube Robert Mbam-DSG Economic Council

Mr. Amadiebube

Mr. Amadiebube Robert Mbama is the president of MBAMA & Associates LLC a California based anti money laundering, anti terrorist financing, bank secrecy act and office of foreign asset control consulting company. Mr. Mbama has an MBA, ACA, CGMA, CFF, CPA, CAMS.

Amadiebube Robert Mbama was a former online faculty member of Accounting and Finance classes at the University of Phoenix. Currently he is inactive due to the opportunity of running MBAMA & Associates LLC. He was a Supervisor with the Department of Financial Institutions, State of California.  He has a BS in Accounting and MBA in Finance & Banking both from the University of San Francisco, California...

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Chudi A. Asidianya President(CISA)

Chudi Asidianya CISA President

Welcome to the Council of Igbo States in the Americas (CISA) virtual office. On
behalf of members of the executive, the Board of Directors and the entire Governing Council, I thank you for taking your time to visit.

This website will provide you with CISA’s renewed promises to our brethren in the Americas, from Canada to the United States. Our vision is simple, and that is, to promulgate our culture , language and values through clarity of purpose driven agenda.

The cornerstone for our success will be found in the spirit and the commitment of us working together, through brotherhood  and sisterhood in meeting the needs of our community through ethical leadership, co-operation and accountability ...

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