The 2015 Festival of World Igbo Arts and Culture was a huge success


History has been made in Staunton, Virginia, USA  . I have the privilege of witnessing the new found clarity of purpose among the Igbos with a renewed interest in all things Igbo and Igboism.


In the word of CISA DSG Financial, Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba; “The 2nd Festival of World Igbo Arts and Culture has just concluded and some of its simpler lessons are now clear; the desire to revive Igbo culture and the language by which the culture is expressed, is at the heart of Igbo people of all classes. Every speaker or presenter happed on this need in Igbo, in English, and in Engli-Igbo. The large number of the Igbo at Staunton was further proof that the Igbo is on the move, The Council of Igbo States in the Americas (CISA) put up a show and threw a gantlet- March it if you can! Who will pick up this gantlet? We are waiting. But in throwing out that gantlet they too must try to break the record if they can.”- Benjamin Obiajulu Aduba.


Our DSG Special duties, D. Izuchukwu, Ezechinyelu na-Nimo authenticated the above rendition in a straight to the point simple statement. As he put it; “Our Roots, our culture, our common future lies in our expressions in Arts, Music, Literature, Language and love of our people, our rich tradition and character. All supports are needed to continue to promote and nurture Igbo ideals in Arts, Culture and Language. We must all seize the moment to start sowing the seed that will generationally promote and preserve Igbo culture, language, arts and traditions as we build alliances across the world ” – D. Izuchukwu, Ezechinyelu na-Nimo.


As the current President of the Council, I can only support the above renditions with a statement of fact that may have eluded those brethren out there that may thinks that our “outing” this year is an “overnight sensation”. It must be said in answer to those unaware of our journey to 2015 2nd Igbo Worldwide Festival of the Arts and Culture” that all those blueprints for sustainable CISA; a place of “Annual Pilgrimage” for Ndi-Igbo in the America drawn by the people before in 2010 are slowly but surely, paying dividendsThanks to the efforts of everyone, our “gains” to date in CISA are now noticeable.


A heartfelt gratitude to the Planning Committee of the 2015 2nd Igbo Worldwide Festival of the Arts and Culture under the leadership of Dr. Paul Okechukwu Oranika, CISA Executive Council, membership, Volunteers like Chief Emeka Nwosu and the General membership for their efforts at making this grandeurs occasion a success by all accounts.


You made the experience of being the CISA president a pleasurable one, thanks to your support. As the “curtain draws to a close” on my administration, I want to take the liberty to say thanks to all our attendees, collaborators, partners in service organization and the Frontier Museum of the Commonwealth  of Virginia staff for their “virulent show of support” in our community development initiatives.


Remain blessed.


Chudi Asidianya, BA, MA, LSC, IEO

President, CISA

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